Propaganda assignment.

12 06 2012


The reason I have chosen the propaganda that I have is because I thought gay marriage would be an easy subject to portray in a poster, especially considering Barack Obama just came out saying that he supports gay marriage. The idea for the poster is pretty simple, I put Obama’s face on it to make everyone knows who the authority figure for the poster is, I turned the American flag the colours of the gay rights flag and I made it sound like you were stupid not to support gay marriage by using the word ‘ignorant’. The target market I am trying to reach are obviously Americans against gay marriage, but also Americans who look up to people like Barack Obama, even people who are for gay marriage but not 100%, this propaganda tries to enforce that 100%, do doubt in their mind that gay marriage is fine. The estimate age that this propaganda is trying to reach is probably around the 15-30 range, this is because 15 is an age where you should definitely be figuring out and deciding things for yourself and it uses bright colours with the authority figure to attract attention. The age limit of 30 is mainly because once people have lived that long with the idea that gays should not be allowed marriage, there isn’t a very high percentage rate that you will change their minds on the matter just by showing them a poster. The people we are trying to reach would have a lot of access to social media, so we would try and send our propaganda around on like, hoping it catches like wildfire and even just putting the posters up around schools, shopping centres and even work places could reach these people.


Does it matter who reports the news?

29 05 2012

Does is matter who reports the news? No it doesn’t matter who reports the news, as long as the news gets reported and it get reported fairly, that’s what matters. but that the problem, reporting the news fairly seems harder to do then to stop the war in Iraq. Reporters these days find nothing more difficult than not putting personal opinion into their reports, which just ends up leaving people uninformed, which leaves us unsafe from all the things we have not been told, leaving you, your family, your friends all unaware and unsafe. Whose fault is this you ask? Well obviously is the governments fault! they are complicating everything way to much so there are so many sides and views to look at it from that the news media reporters can’t possibly reports everything about a story, so they have to be one sided and choose a side to report from, everyone likes to blame the government for everything, and that because you should, it’s all there fault for everything and everybody knows it.

Sometimes the people who are reporting the news do matter, because they report the news from a mocking aspect of the story, making fun of not only the story, but the people reporting them, and i think these people are probably the ones who actually report the news the best, they show the flaws on reporters thinking and they do show things from both sides, usually bias to one side they still actually report a story more fairly then the shitty reports from Fox news and crap like that. The person that has informed me the most about news in my life would probably be Stephen Colbert from the Colbert Report, and I don’t think he has ever done anything serious…EVER, but he still tells you whats going on and he makes it better by making fun of the idiot reporters from the news networks.
Really what I’m saying is that no matter who reports the news, there is no never going to be 100% non-bias news reported because everyone has there opinions and they like to add them, whether relevant or not.

Sitcom Similarities

15 05 2012

Friends, How I Met Your Mother, Seinfeld, Two and a Half Men, The Nanny, Will and Grace, The Big Bang Theory, Cheers… I just named some of the most popular sitcoms that have come out over the years, all of these American sitcoms are different, and all of them about different people yet all of them have a similar undertone to them.

A group of friends or family, living in one of the biggest cities in America (usually, New York or California) at least 2 of the main characters live together, with that place they are living in being one of the main settings for the group of people to spend most of their time, whether its Monica and Rachel’s apartment in Friends, Ted, Marshal and Lily’s apartment in How I Met Your Mother, Charlies house in Two and a half men or even Sheldon and Leonard’s apartment in The Big Bang Theory, they are all one of the main places that the friends are shot hanging out and talking. There is always a second place where you see them often, usually a place of food e.g. Central Perk in Friends or MacLaren’s bar in How I Met Your Mother or the Kitchen in The Nanny, all of these places that you will regularly see the characters of the show hanging out and, usually, either eating or drinking. For some, but not all, there will be a third MAIN place of hanging out e.g. Joey and Chandlers in Friends, Penny’s in The Big Bang Theory, Jacks apartment in Will and Grace.


Friends and How I Met Your Mother

A lot of the sitcoms over the years have been very similar and they are all very good but in my opinion none of them have been as good, or as similar as Friends and How I Met Your Mother. They are both so similar that a lot of people have realized the similarities, i have found another blog on WordPress which lists some of the huge similarities between the group of characters. Click HERE to see that blog.

There are a lot of good sitcoms around and i like a lot of them, but there is not much originality from the most popular ones, but that might just be why they are so popular.

8 05 2012


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30 04 2012

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